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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

believe or not believe

How do we chose what to believe, how do we decide what’s worthy of our efforts toward devotion?  Do we, like so many simply adopt what has been presented or do we attempt to establish our own rubric of standards to live by?  Making these decisions is more often the result of some unthinking progression and subtle acceptance and not the conscious effort of deep consideration. 

For example, the laws of man or mostly societal based, measures enacted to maintain order and in some cases garner favor or influence; we are bound by many of these rules simply because of the consequences for disobedience.  They do however have their place.  Allowing drivers to drive any speed in any lane would not be beneficial for the driver or the others who simply wanted to get to work.  Living in a society demands some consideration for the safety and accessibility of others. 

Determining what to believe or what to follow necessitates a short discussion on the definitions of what “law” is and how they are derived:   
 Physical law, a scientific generalization based upon empirical observation   
 Natural law, any of a number of doctrines in moral, political and legal theory    
Scientific law, statements based on experimental observations and describe some aspect of the world, implying a causal relationship  
 Laws of science, statements that describe, and predict phenomena as they appear in nature   
 The Law of the Jungle, the idea that in nature, the only "law" is to do whatever is needed for survival

  But belief does not fall into either man made rules or laws or those understood as natural.  Attempts by some to explain beliefs do so through either subjective or objective reasoning, meaning that if you prescribe to the objective you have “proof” of your moral standing and belief.  1+1=2 is an objective statement there is no subjectivity involved.  Creating a belief system based on objectivity is inherently difficult due in part to the very subjective nature of a supposed universal standard.  Proving a belief is in itself a subjective process but many still utilize objective methods when attempting to define their “feelings” as something that everyone should be able to obtain with the mistaken premise that just because they feel it others should too.  But this does not in itself negate this process, it only makes it more difficult to quantify. Even within the laws stated above the level of objectivity depends on the conditions of the test.  In order to substantiate a law as objective it must be repeatable and quantifiable and that requires specific conditions. 

These rules or laws may be provable in the finite and within what we currently understand but if removed and altered beyond our understanding would the results be the same?  Many claim that the results would be the same but does not this require a level of Faith or belief?  This question is not meant to question the validity of scientific discovery but to illustrate the often ignorant comments of finality without the requisite complete knowledge needed to make such a statement.  Just because it works here and now does not guarantee it will work in the future or in a different universe or dimension.  At least we can take some comfort in knowing that it does currently hold “true”. 

Subjective or relativistic beliefs are much easier to explain; they have no foundational basis and are subject only to the designs and opinions, life experiences, cultural differences or the simple emotions of the observer.  Creating a belief system based on the subjective can be as easy as saying that 1+1=3.  In physics, the relativity of simultaneity is the concept that distant simultaneity – whether two spatially separated events occur at the same time – is not absolute, but depends on the observer's reference frame.  This means that a subjective belief is really nothing more than a perspective based on the time and space of an observer.  More observers may mitigate, to some extent, the level of subjectivity but in order to move from subjectivity to objectivity a more complete view of all events from all perspectives throughout time needs to be established in order to know the “truth” of that one singular event.

 Mans desire to know the truth, albeit laudable, not laughable although in some instances those attempts can fall well within the comedic range, is often clouded by his singular desire toward that truth.  If the above scenario is true and in order to get a clear picture of any given event a complete understanding of all past, present and future perspectives of that event needs to be known then the very act of seeking the truth within our finite existence is nothing more than a futile exercise in subjectivity.   Seeking the truth is important and it is a standard that needs to be pursued but in order to obtain truth objectively all subjective criteria needs to be correlated and balanced with the provable and repeatable, creating a balance of faith with knowledge. Unmistakably faith is often perceived as not having any knowledge being only a hopeful premise of what might be, but in contrast to this popular stance faith does not preclude understanding or knowledge and in fact requires a substantial amount of evidence in order to sustain itself.  When someone exhibits faith in another it is generally due in part to past experiences or understanding of who or what that individual is or what they can accomplish.  The etymology of faith comes from a French derivation and means believe or trust, confidence or making a pledge.  Logically would you pledge or have confidence in another without some prior knowledge or understanding? 

Faith has morphed into a blind obedience that has no bearing on history or reason and it still has a strong sense of subjectivity that makes objective reasoning very difficult when correlating belief into the equation. Which beliefs are more objective and which are more subjective and is it really even fair to compare the thousands of belief systems that permeate our lives?  Is my faith more real, is your faith more scientific, or like the atheist is all faith simply the empty mind mingling with inner fears to create a system to mitigate those uncertainties by projecting our hopes and dreams, our fears onto an all knowing, all encompassing being that subjugates and toys with the lives of its hapless subjects? 

There is a difference between fact and faith, between belief and knowledge but that difference is based on the comparative understanding and overall view of each and every component part.  We can make definitive statements and for the most part those “facts” hold true because of our shared level of existence.  When that existence is expanded many of our facts will retain their cohesiveness and remain factual while others will have to be altered in order to coincide with the new parameters introduced. 

Faith may be viewed as a spiral of understanding that instead of starting from the center, the hypothesis, and substantiated as it expands its focal point is beyond our present understanding and experience requiring a belief that can be substantiated but through an inward cycle rather than outward process of experimentation and empirical measurement.  There are objective means and repeatable criteria but most rely upon the individuals perception not unlike the distant simultaneity  a process of perception that will eventually efforts coalesce into pure knowledge and universal perceptive, that is the theory.

What we believe may not provide the empirical data to drive us toward expansion but it does provide understandable and replicatable results that drive us introspectively toward devotion.   Do we live our lives because the facts prove to us that doing good is profitable or because we just know that it does?  Facts do not lead us to love, they do not prompt us to be charitable, we have to believe in love and know that charity works without the requisite scientific measures. 

Belief, as subjective as it is does have a substantial measure of objectivity but that impartiality depends on the focus of one’s beliefs.  There are rational beliefs and irrational with many falling somewhere in-between.  But even the more irrational should not be discounted.  Like those who believe in aliens, to many that is a purely irrational mind set but when related evidence is correlated the idea of aliens can become “believable”.  When  Carl Sagan announced that there were billions and billions of stars it presupposes that there are numberless options for at least one solar system to be just like ours.  With that statistical reality the chances of “aliens” becomes a reality based on statistical probability and not an irrational belief.

In the same sense a belief in God can be similarly rationalized.  Just because we don’t have proof of His existence does not disprove the validity of a Divine entity.  Does God exist?  Does he have a Son?  We know there was a man named Jesus and we know of his political influence.  We know there are billions of stars, we know there are questions in science that far outnumber those answered and we can even conclude perhaps that in all that we are, all that we hope to be there is a truth that circumscribes all.  We all seek the facts and the eventual never changing truth’s, it is as if we are driven toward that goal of knowing.   

Are we so egocentric that we actually believe we know it all?  I believe…. I believe that there is more, much more and that there is a God who actively and lovingly guides us toward those truths.  Believe what you will but keep in mind that whatever you believe requires you to exercise faith toward that belief…

Monday, June 2, 2014

More than a wedding cake

There used to be a fundamental right of a business owner to decide how to run his or her business.  Businesses can be run well or not so well, they can decide who their target market is and further decide how much to spend on marketing.  Business could decide where they were located and if they wanted to pay the higher price for a “good” location or save the money for a poor location.

Businesses have almost always had the right to serve or not to serve, to service or not to service who they choose but that fundamental right has changed.

Jack Phillips owns Masterpiece Cakeshop. In 2012, David Mullins and Charlie Craig went to the shop to order a cake for their upcoming wedding reception. They planned to marry in Massachusetts and have a reception in Colorado.

Mr. Phillips refused them service and refused to make a cake for their upcoming nuptials.

The word nuptial means:
… of or pertaining to marriage or the marriage ceremony: the nuptial day; nuptial vows.  of, pertaining to, or characteristic of mating or the mating season of animals: nuptial behavior….however they may try to mate the outcome is assured, sterility is the outcome between two same sex couples, they therefore cannot Mate no real mating takes place)Just thought I’d through that in for fun…

This is not a cruel statement or a statement meant to dissuade or harm, it is a simple and truthful statement of fact.  But this post is really not about the rights of same sex individuals to partner, make a life or wed but more about the right of others to disagree without punishment or the so common requisite penalty and stripping away those fundamental rights of business ownership.

Most businesses look forward to serving and selling and have very few restrictions self imposed or otherwise and relish the opportunity to sell their wares.  That fundamental freedom to act as your own boss is however being replaced by the increasing court mandates that preclude free choice based on religious convictions.  Jack Phillips choice to serve or not to serve was legally taken away and his only choice at that time was to either supply the wedding cake or stop making wedding cakes. 

There are some legal impositions on some businesses.  The Gun shop cannot sell to criminals or to the mentally unstable.  Pharmacist cannot sell prescription medication without that signed prescription.  These rules generally provide for the safety of the public at large and it is generally that issue of safety that creates subdivisions in specific businesses.  Selling wedding cake does not, I think, impose safety risks on the public and therefore should not be a target of oversight by anyone except the owner of that bakery.

Is it not his shop?  Did he not put up the capital and carry the risk of his desire?  Is it not his choice what kind of cakes to make or what flavors to advertise or what styles to sell?  When two men walked into HIS bakery and asked for a wedding cake was it, or should it have been his right to refuse their request, regardless of the political leanings of the day?

 Today, Colorado's Civil Rights Commission ruled that Phillips did violate civil rights law; the Commission says he has to bake for everyone now.

So not only does he not get to choose who his customers are he is forced to bake for everyone, really, everyone?  Should he be forced to bake a commemorative cake for Hitler’s anniversary celebration by a local white supremacist group?  Should he be mandated to supply a cake for the local chapter of al Qaeda or a Quinceanera flat cake for a drug lord’s 15 year old daughter?  He might be advised to do so, on this score, since refusal may put his shop and life at risk…but if he is forced to bake a wedding cake for two gay men who want to celebrate their union what’s to prevent him from being forced to bake for other groups he does not agree with?

Another issue:  if he has to bake the cake does he have to make it taste good?  If it’s not good enough or let’s say he has a bad day and it’s just not that great of a cake, will he be held responsible for ruining their celebration?  How far will his responsibilities go? 

My position is clear, let business decide who and what to sell and who and when to sell. The markets will take care of the minor details of those who are truly outrageous in their beliefs or actions.  If a person really wants to own a bar that only allows blacks, so be it.  If a woman only wants to work out at a women’s only health club, she should have the right and if a baker only wants to make wedding cakes for heterosexual marriages, then it should be his right to do so.

With all this being said I am a bit fearful of the current trend that might someday include who you allow in your own home.  Don’t be prejudiced, don’t be discerning, you may have to allow everyone into your home or risk being labeled a racist or bigot.  Most small business owners spend more time at work than at home anyway so who really needs a nice, safe place to go home too?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day ...not just another party.

A day to Remember 
 Today is a tragedy for Veterans and all those who paid the ultimate price of sacrifice. Another holiday of truly forgotten promises is only made worse by the memory of valiant soldiers and their selfless sacrifice of life and service so that we may live to forget.  I can think of nothing more despicable than the endless parties of raucous laughter, mindless enjoyment that holds nothing in common with the memorial that should be taking place.

In memorial we look back to what was and how we became what we are.  In memory we shape our thoughts toward the future in preparation of what we can become.  It is only though the memory of what used to be that a meaningful future is possible.  But we are a forgetful nation, a people calloused to the emotional ties that used to bind us as one.  Instead of memory we have lapses, gaps in judgment that propel us, hurling headlong into the abyss of hard insensitivity and calloused forgetfulness.  We are a people without feeling and without regard to the past, living forever in the present.  

As a recently retired teacher, mostly from middle school I've learned this tragedy first hand.  The selfishness of our youth is profound, a gift of negative proportions supplied most generously from their equally egoistic parents.  These young minds are filled with smut, lust and an extreme sense of lasciviousness that shames the most hardened soul.  The very mention of selflessness draws blank stares of incomprehensible astonishment.  They have no idea how to act in a selfless manner, nor do they care to learn.

From the greatest generation to the worst generation in our counties history, this is a national disgrace.  We should all be ashamed for allowing these cretins to wallow and demand their self-induced and government supported entitlements, draining the very life from what was once the greatest union of altruistic minds and efforts ever assembled. 

The hope however, still rings clear as efforts of a few still stand as a sentinels of what used to be.  There are still those who revere the glory of goodness and repose in humility to those who sacrificed that they might be. 

Our hope is in them.  Can we recover, can we regain what was lost and rebuild this nation back to what it used to be
or are we too far gone to escape the tidal pulls
that rip us from the shore of sanity?

For those few, even the fewer leaders I pray most fervently
that their minds will be filled with the goodness and power of humility,
their hearts turned toward the memories of what used to be
and their minds focused on service and sanctity.
Our hope is in them.

Today and in every country for those who feel pride and thanks for those who died for us, take a moment to really think about the sacrifices made, the ultimate gift of life paid by so many, so that we could choose to mindlessly party and play, carrying on like there was no tomorrow.    

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Variety is the spice of life

Beyond the simplistic option of black and white how far do we go to instill the minutia that seems to be controlling our lives?  Henry Ford said candidly “customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black", (you undoubtedly noticed I used gray in the lettering, just wanted to mix it up a little) referring to the public demand for color option on his Model T. Now you drive down the road and you see the virtual rainbow of hues and shades.

While painting a house the paint rep gave us a painting guide that contained most of their colors, it was three inches think and when I say most, they can custom tint any color you can imagine.  The options are indeed endless but that level of opportunity also has a level of responsibility as well.  The more choices we have the more choices we have to make and consequently the more we have to live with. 

For fun I was interested in the different options that encompass contract law and specifically the provisions that surround wills and estates.  Listening to a CD, I just happened to have in my gray car, the speaker was excoriating the massive legal issues surrounding the seemingly simple process of establishing an executable will and in the same breath lauding the process that allows for an almost infinite stream of minutia surrounding every conceivable scenario, there is nothing simple about a “simple will”.

We live our lives based on the minutia and not the certainties or absolutes.  We wake up with decisions about what to wear, what to eat, what to listen to on the radio on the way to work.  We make thousands upon thousands of decisions each and every day and each person makes thousands of decisions per day added to this their contrasting views, differing perspectives and alternate ways and the number of decision choices reached into the billions and billions (I sound like Carl Sagan) but to each his own we say, knowing that if we want to be able to decide than we have to allow others that same privilege.

Here in lies the problem.   Is there a black and white; is there a right and wrong to every scenario?  The Manichaeism believes there is.  The Ying and Yang, the Good versus Evil in every scenario.  Perhaps the answer is not that black and white but more part of the search for that distant hope of certainty that we develop these multiple options in order to sustain us through the uncertainty that is life.  For in all we do, even life and death, the two complete opposites are not defined cleanly, how can we be expected to see the absolutes so clearly? 

How we live our lives and even how we consider “life” as a dictate by our internal definition of what life means, bringing to bear the entire cycle of human existence in the simple desire to “be alive” or simply exist.  Death as well has its own level of confusion but so far those questions are left to the religious and thantalogical thinkers, most of us are really not that concerned with what we cannot understand.

From a religious perspective we have commandments that provide us with a more acute standard than those given by man-made laws; they are more absolute, meaning that they are less gray than the multi-colored options of life on earth.  Religious rules are often more absolute, more defined, with less wiggle room.  Because of the infinite minutia that bombards are senses, overwhelms our emotions and inundates our every decision the idea of living in an absolute frame of mind is often lost and considered by many to be inconceivable and impossible.  And those who even chose the religious life have declined seeking instead for the more open and permissive choices with many churches swaying souls back to church with open and permissive rhetoric. 

There are absolutes.  A woman is either pregnant or she is not.  The cycle of the sun raising and falling.  We may not want to think in absolutes because it requires a level of devotion and commitment that most are unwilling to make.  Living a certain way, being loyal to that choice does require black and white decisions.  Not to smoke, or drink alcohol those are absolutes.  The choice to remain true to your spouse and to yourself, these are decision that create a pallet that is more harmonized and in stark contrast to the confusion that surrounds and infiltrates most of our lives.
When the universe and all its complexity and variety is viewed from a mortal perspective we can only derive the notion of Chaos but when it is viewed from the perspective of a creation then it becomes a system of planning and absolute certainty. 

As parents we often see the mistakes of our children long before they realize their missteps.  They are unable to see the “whole picture” they are unable to visualize the effects of their actions.  Good parents are more like a master chess player they can visualize an entire game, move by move prior to moving the first piece.

This life may seem chaotic and minutia filled, but it is that variety that at least for me provides the principle and foundational surety that each and every color, plants in all their variety, bumps in the road and mistakes are all known.  The minutia of life is cause, not for concern but for praise that we too have a parent who not only guides us but allows us to learn from our mistakes, a heavenly being that lives, that gives us the challenging opportunity to wade through the throng of never ending choices, opportunities to hopefully find ourselves as He is, all knowing, all good and eternal, always making the right choice as if everything were black and white.  

Monday, May 19, 2014

Primordial ooze ...again

Primordial ooze revisited

At first sight the level of work needed to make this old house into a home was staggering.  The weather was not helping either, with rain predicted for the next two weeks and intermittent drops of temperature that would bring between two and three feet of snow just made matters worse.

I’ve worked a lot of jobs but this one was slightly misrepresented.  I was hired to redo the kitchen and maybe one bathroom, if it was needed but upon my initial inspection of the associated report the basic services to the house were in desperate condition.  There was no water, no heat, the walls were cracked and there was mildew that seemed to cover large portions of the walls and floors.  It was a little late to back out however, I was being paid by the week, I had a clean and comfortable room at the local motel and a food allowance with no completion date.  I guess they (whoever they were) knew of the work needed but knew I wouldn't accept initially.

As I entered the house, through the back door, the front door was jammed; the rush of air that blew past me seemed to go right through me.  It was as if it was trying to escape and the associated feelings were that I should do the same.  I needed the money and this was going to be a long term payoff, so I shrugged my shoulders and drove my hands deep into my pants pockets and entered.

The mud room was the first room I physically saw and I was amazed at the amount of growth on the walls and floor, the black, almost fuzzy, mossy stuff seemed to be everywhere; I could feel it under my boots with each step.  I removed my painter’s knife and scraped at the nearest wall, the stuff fell away easy enough, just like peeling some dead skin off an old wound.  I let it drop and moved on into the kitchen.

With each step further into the house I could feel my breathing become labored and knew at that point that the black mold was affecting me, I would have to get a hazmat team in here for removal.  I instinctively put my hand to my face and covered my nose and mouth with my sleeve.  The kitchen layout was nice except for an island area that had fallen into disrepair.  One side of the oval shaped island was falling through the floor revealing a slight gap into the basement below a level of blackness that seemed to draw you in, your eyes seeing only the blackness their focus riveted by the nothingness within.

Even with my hand over my mouth and nose the darkness started to creep under my palm, I could taste it.  The foul but strangely sweet taste dripped down my throat, causing me to gag but the sweetness came and it actually tasted good.  Nothing I've ever tasted before but a pungent sweet and sour mix that confuses the senses, at least I could drop my hands.

Passing though the kitchen into the dining room I pulled on the soiled and dusty curtains hoping the lights from outside would alleviate some of the dankness, but when I pulled down the heavy cloth the windows were still covered with the gritty ooze leaving only a shadowing glimmer to the once darkened rooms.

Making it to the front door I had to use all of my power to budge the massive oak door from its locked position into opening.  This shard of light blasted the darkness like a flashlight in a darkened cave but the sight it revealed cramped my breathing and forced me to dive out of the house.

I had never seen what I just saw and hoped beyond hope that I would never see again the images that would forever be emblazoned on my psyche.  As I knelt panting and gasping for fresh air, even with the rain soaking my clothes I was grateful to be free of the grasp of that reality within.  And just as I had committed to move away from the house the house pulled at me, willing me to return and in some way explain itself, to rationalize, I thought to downplay what I had seen. 

With sever trepidation my feet began to move prior to my mind agreeing and before I could stop myself I was past the threshold, closing the door behind me.

For weeks no one knew what had happened to me or the house.  For me it was only a few moments but for my employers, it was three weeks.  They had heard nothing of me or any progress reports only my silence.  My rented motel room had thought nothing of my never returning. After the initial two week payments had been exhausted they simply cleaned the room and rented to another.

As for me, this is all I remember.  I remember closing the door and the smell attacking my senses so completely that I felt sick, after that only bits and pieces, dreams and snippets of nightmarish images that still bring tears to my eyes, even now ten years later.

I drove by the house a few months back and it’s still there, Still boarded up and dark.  Still vacant, well vacant from our perspective but from mine it’s very much occupied, very much filled with borders and tenets, not the paying kind, they really don’t want to be bothers but when they are they take the time to get to know you.

They got to know me.  Every inch, inside and out, they got to know me, for as soon as I closed the door and reentered their world I was theirs.  They are not evil per say, I don’t think they know what evil or what good is, they just are.  For three weeks the blacked moss grew over every inch of my body and extracted whatever it was they wanted.

My memories, my fears, my dreams and my very existence were theirs to use as they pleased.  I still don’t know what they are, but I know who they are, they are both life and death, existence and void, they are the primordial ooze that started all life and from which all life had its humble beginnings, except there not from around here, there not from earth.

The only clear thing I do remember is that their not sure what to do with what they started.  This house is another test spot, like the old misty ponds of millennium ago, except now there in a house.  What will come next, I wasn't told but I could feel that there was more going on than just me.  It felt like I was being evaluated and something new was about to be introduced and whatever it was would not be human. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

rtdezine: Freedom or tyranny?

rtdezine: Freedom or tyranny?: Freedom is:   the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.  It is the absence of subjection to f...

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Freedom or tyranny?

Freedom is: the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.  It is the absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government. It is the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved physically, mentally or emotionally.

A stark but trivial reminder of our loss of freedom is our willingness to buy into the notion that governments know best and are good stewards of those lauded inalienable right.  One seemingly innocuous event transformed my opinion of what real freedom is and how easy we are letting it slip through our fingers, occurred yesterday.

I’ve been working on restoring an old house near Cleveland, Ohio.  One of the surrounding cities has some fairly stringent policies toward home ownership and makes it a point of sale to outline infractions that must be repaired in order for the owner of the property to get a refund of a sizable fee placed with the city to ensure compliance.  I do understand the need for oversight but this level of bureaucracy was staggering in its micromanagement.

In order to set the stage for a clearer understanding of the situation let me outline that the amount of work needed to get this house looking nice was staggering. I don’t want to get into the details of what had to be done other than to say this was not a weekend project by any means so when a guy shows up to the house and asks for the owner, my first thought was that he was there to sell me something.

The exterior is getting ready to be painted and has already received its primer coat. The windows and doors are all covered with plastic, the gutters have all been removed for later replacement and the large construction bin in the driveway makes this house a clear candidate as a remodel with very clear intentions of making the once dilapidated eyesore into a jewel of the neighborhood.  So when the guy shows and blatantly demands that we cut the grass, I thought it was a joke.

First off, I’m not from around here so random people telling me to do something is probably not the best way to gain my confidence.   Second the obviousness of the situation was staggering in its simplicity yet this guy failed to see the scope of project and was singularly focused on his bureaucratic task, telling us that we were out of compliance with a city ordinance and needed to cut the lawn.  Third, it’s been raining cats and dogs for over a week and little or no mention of that reality came across in the man’s demands…

I also reminded him of the amount of work progressing in trying to make this house more presentable and that getting the grass cut was not that high on my list of priorities at the moment but we would get to it soon.  “It needs to be cut by Saturday” was his stringent and curt reply.

So like any good red blooded American I questioned his position and asked him “is this what are taxes are paying for, sending a guy like you to tell me to cut my grass?”  I know this is not a hugely important issue but it does illustrate the level of control that we have all allowed. 

We have succumbed to the tyrannical level of servitude when we allow others to tell us what we can and cannot do, especially in such trivial matters as maintaining the lawn.  This point of slavery is a real reminder of how far we’ve come in order to attempt to maintain a civil and acceptable level of supposed freedom.  More and more often people are literally buying into tyranny.  How many of you live in an association?

In this particular area the city is the association and has enacted rules that everyone has to live by and on top of those rules is a usurious property tax base that boggles the mind.  Home ownership is no longer a constitutional right and I suspect this city and virtually every city and town has the power to impose penalties in the form of liens if we refused to abide by their laws, putting the right of ownership in jeopardy over something as trivial as not cutting the lawn, if that’s not tyranny than what is?

What’s most sad is the willingness most have to willfully accept those conditions and the powers that oversee the minutia that we so often take for granted.  We are selling our souls to the devil with each blade of uncut grass the gentle slope of our enslavement is exacerbated each time we allow others to tell us what to do with what is rightfully ours.

Are we property owners or are we simply leasing our homes and our possessions?  Look, we all understand that we need taxes, society has to move forward and we need basic services in order to function.  We need streets and power and water, trash removal and maybe even parks and libraries but do we really need a guy to tell us to cut our lawns?  Do we really need property taxes that equal the cost or our home every 15 years?  Do we really need a local, state and national governments telling us which doctor to see or what kind of coverage we are allowed or what size soft drink we can buy or how much salt to eat?

What we need is less of everything and more individual responsibility.  More of the inalienable and God given rights to act according to our own desires and conscience, realizing that we are responsible for what we do and we will conversely suffer or benefit from the decisions we make.   

I for one have always been responsible for what I’ve done; I just think it’s time for everyone to be just like me…